3 Reasons That Working From Home is Awesome!

3 Reasons That Working From Home is Awesome
A lot of companies are moving to a remote operations model, and this is creating a wealth of work from home situations for a significant portion of the population. There are positive aspects to working in an office; however, with the advances in technology, is there a real need to do so? There are many reasons why working from home can be absolutely amazing; however, here are three that should be reason enough.
The first reason that working from home is an excellent situation, is that women and men who are looking to start families no longer have to take months off of their jobs and risk the difficulty of acclimating back to the work place after tons of time off. You can be at home with the children and still stay on top of your work responsibilities. The second reason that working from home is great is because you will save a lot of money on gas, tolls, new clothes, and the expenses associated with dining out. Working in an office has so many hidden expenses that you really do not know how much money you waste on a daily basis until you have worked from home. The third, and probably most impactful, reason to work from home is the reduction of stress. Getting ready to head to an office everyday carries a significant amount of stress with it each day. Getting up, finding an outfit that you like and feel comfortable in, making sure you have gas, waiting at the toll booth, trying to navigate traffic, and running to the conference room to make the meeting on time while trying to look professional and composed. It is exhausting, and with technology you can take conference calls from your patio if you want.
These are three of the reasons that working from home is an excellent choice for anyone who has the flexibility to do so.

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