What Types of Experience Should Entrepreneurs Have Prior to Starting a Business?

There is no single skill set or special characteristic to business owner that will make you successful. However, there are many ways for future entrepreneurs to develop themselves through experience. One of the most important things is gaining knowledge in the industry. Even one year in a related position can teach you a lot about the market, clients, customers and how the business flows. Learn as much as you can about the industry so you’ll make better decisions and help your business grow.

Life and Work Experience

Learning about the day-to-day operations of a business can help you exponentially when you plan on starting a business. Pay attention to how the business runs, from suppliers to customer service and how to handle issues. Any job or position can help teach you about business if you use your observation skills. Find out what works and what doesn’t so when it’s time to start your own business, things will go more smoothly.

Learn what you personally enjoy versus what bothers you the most about companies and business in general. You can use this to build and improve upon your own business by learning how to cope with your emotions when dealing when potentially stressful issues. Life experience is something that comes naturally, so use it to your advantage when starting or running your business.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider Getting a Degree

While future business owners should have some sort of knowledge and experience in their chosen field, there are few degrees that are preferable for business owners because of the nature of their work. A college degree isn’t a necessity for a business owner, but having a strong knowledge base can help increase your chance of success. For an entrepreneur, choosing a college degree can be more difficult. You’ll need many skills to run the various aspects of your business. There are so many aspects to running a business, from social skills and marketing to finance and management. There isn’t one magic degree that will teach you everything you need to know, but there are some extremely valuable ones for new start-ups that can help you reach your goals. A few of these options might even surprise you.

Business Administration

Business administration is a very useful degree that delves into each key area of business, such as finance and accounting, operations, e-commerce, marketing, economics, business law and management. Some courses even offer internships. You can also learn social skills such as public speaking or take relevant electives. If you want to learn the foundation of operating a business, a degree in business administration can be a very good start.


One of the most important aspects of running a business is advertisement, so a degree in marketing can be useful. You’ll learn about how to identify and meet the needs of your customer base, in addition to other aspects of running a business such as accounting and information technology. You’ll also learn how to distribute and price the items or services so the business remains profitable but competitive at the same time.


Economics degrees are very useful to business owners no matter what the industry or field. This degree helps business owners track numbers and figures that represent the ups and downs of a business and help predict the future of the business. You’ll learn how to collect data and use it to your benefit to help your business grow and succeed. If you’re interested in mathematics, this can be useful to you as a business owner in any industry.

Ethnic and Cultural Studies

While you may not consider a degree in ethnic and cultural studies when starting a business, it may come in handy if you want to reach a broad customer base. Learning how to best communicate with people from all walks of life can help your business flourish by creating strong relationships with different communities. You can also combine this with a degree in business so you’ll learn the management aspects as well.


A communications degree can be very useful to a future business owner because much of running a business involves communicating with other people. Whether you need to write a speech or make a presentation, you’ll likely find that a communications degree can help you when it comes to public speaking and customer relations no matter what business you’re getting into. If you find that you’re lacking in this area, you should consider a communications degree to help develop these skills.


Any degree related to the industry of your business will be useful to a future entrepreneur. The more you learn about your industry, the more successful your business will be. You will be more knowledgeable and prepared so it translates to better service. If you become an expert in your field or with a product, it can be very beneficial for your business. You’ll be able to meet the needs of your customers much more than if you had no previous knowledge or experience.

You don’t necessarily need to get a degree in one field. You may choose to take individual courses that would benefit you, such as various software training courses or an accounting class. If you need a refresher in marketing or advertisement, you can take courses in those subjects alone. No matter which type of degree you prefer, there are hundreds of options that can make a difference in your career. Finding the best one is a matter of research and finding what suits you.