Four Business Ideas to Start in 2013

Four Business Ideas to Start in 2013Looking to start a new business in 2013? Then you’re going to need some good ideas that are likely to succeed. Research was done to see which industries are likely to be the most profitable this year, which means that startups in these markets are more likely to succeed.

Internet Travel Agency

People weren’t traveling much a few years ago, thanks to the economy, but things have started to look up since 2010. This is a market that is on the rebound, with 2013 expectations for a 6.1% increase (to $20.7 billion).

Translation Services

Another good industry to get into is translations. We are becoming more and more of a global world, which means that language barriers need to be broken. With translation services this can happen. Even if you don’t know more than one or two languages, you can hire a staff of people who do. Over the past five years, there’s been an average 2.4% increase per year, with an expected growth of 3.4% in 2013.

IT Security Consultation Firm

Since everything is moving to the Internet, there are a lot of businesses that are looking to beef up their IT security. This market has been growing steadily by 10% per year for the last five years. In 2013, the expected growth is 8.8%.

Digital Forensic Services

Sometimes, information gets lost in translation or transportation, which calls for digital forensic services. This is a fast growing industry, with a 12% increase per year, almost tipping the $1 billion mark. For this year, there’s expected to be another 11% in growth for this market.

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