Hot Business Ideas for 2013

Hot Business Ideas for 2013Looking for the next big business ideas for 2013? Then you’ll find that there are a couple of them that you may be interested in. Knowing the hottest startups can help you pick a market and bring you own unique selling point to the industry. Let’s take a look:

    • Game developer for social network: Likely, you’re one of the millions of people that is obsessed with social network games, especially those found on Facebook. The popularity of these games has increased demand for game developers.
    • Internet shoe store: Women and shoes is a market that will never die down. As long as women have money to spend, a large portion of it will go towards their closets. For the past five years, online shoe sales have grown steadily by an average of over 16% per year.

  • Installing TV and home theaters: If you want to offer a local service, then you’ll find this to be a great idea. Stats show that 98% of Americans have televisions and home theater systems, but the market for installers is pretty empty. This could be an untapped resource you can use.
  • Virtual data storage: The days of rooms stacked with filing cabinets are over. Today, people are looking for cloud services that can store data for them. This industry has grown by 16% per year since 2008 and it is expected that in 2013, the revenue will reach $730 million. Why not join in on this pot of gold?

You can try one of these business startup ideas to see if you can find a unique selling point to gain a competitive edge.

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