Five Things that Should be on Your Home Page

Five Things that Should be on Your Home PageYour home page is your first impression, so you have to make it count. A lot of visitors don’t go past the first page if it doesn’t draw them in or tell them that they are in a place they need to be. When you get traffic to your site, it should be made known who your business is, what it offers and how it can benefit them. Here is a list of things that should be on the front page of every business Web site:

  1. Contact info: Not having your contact info on the front page will cause you to miss out on potential customer interactions. Make sure to list your email address and phone number where visitors can easily see it.

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Top 3 Online Business Tools That Cut Out the Middlemen

Top 3 Online Business Tools That Cut Out the MiddlemenSmall businesses don’t have the large amount of resources that larger corporations have, which means they usually have to use a middleman to help run their business. This would include hiring recruiters, marketers and using expensive credit card processing companies. Today, there are a variety of available resources that can be used to cut out high-charging middlemen, making running business much cheaper for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Everyone knows about Paypal. It’s tied with a lot of online merchants like the giant EBay. [Read more...]

Four Business Ideas to Start in 2013

Four Business Ideas to Start in 2013Looking to start a new business in 2013? Then you’re going to need some good ideas that are likely to succeed. Research was done to see which industries are likely to be the most profitable this year, which means that startups in these markets are more likely to succeed.

Internet Travel Agency

People weren’t traveling much a few years ago, thanks to the economy, but things have started to look up since 2010. This is a market that is on the rebound, with 2013 expectations for a 6.1% increase (to $20.7 billion). [Read more...]

Prepping Your Business For a Mobile Office

Prepping Your Business For a Mobile Office

A mobile office is necessary for most small business owners. Because work calls at any moment, you need the right tools in place to give you full access to your business wherever you are. You want to find the best tools that make your mobile office functional and easy.

Remember that there are a lot of tools out there you don’t need. You want to maximize your revenue by investing in the things that are integral to helping your mobile business – not all of the fancy gadgets or programs that claim to be musts for a mobile office. [Read more...]

Perfecting The Elevator Pitch

Perfecting The Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is a short, concise way of pitching your business. You should be able to quickly and efficiently explain your business to a person who is learning about your business for the first time. Here are the best ways to perfect your elevator pitch.

  • Say who you are and what you do in one sentence.
  • Describe what you do.
  • Explain how you’re different.

The elevator pitch is something every small business owner must master. This is because you are constantly networking and getting the word out about your company. You want to have a go-to way to explain what you do and why people should pay attention to what you’re doing. [Read more...]

New Goals to Set for Your Small Business

New Goals to Set for Your Small Business

Things are changing for small businesses and that means re-analyzing your goals. The digital age means every small business must have an online presence, but you also want to set personal and team goals that allow your business to grow.

  • Be consistent with your social media strategy.
  • Learn to delegate responsibilities.
  • Improve conversion.

Social media is a free way to promote your business. Be consistent with your social media strategy to cultivate a strong online presence. [Read more...]

Must-Haves For Any Home Office

Must-Haves For Any Home Office

The home office can make or break your productivity and the scale in which you take your business. There are many things you may need specific to your business, but on a whole these are must-haves for any home office, no matter what your niche is.



  • Computer
  • High speed Internet/voice and video chat access
  • A good chair
  • Solid lighting


For most small business owners, a computer is key. Whether it’s primarily where you conduct your business or a place for keeping up with billing, a good computer is a must. You do not have to have the most expensive computer on the market, but it should run well and be fast enough for your needs.

High Speed Internet

A good Internet connection is a must. You must be able to connect to the Internet at all times to keep watch on your business and stay productive. Your Internet connection should be fast enough to provide you with phone and video chat access as needed. A poor connection can make these tools difficult.

A Good Chair

You’ll be sitting a lot in your home office. Invest in a high quality ergonomic chair that supports your back and will be comfortable for sitting a long period of time.

Solid Lighting

Lighting is subjective, but make sure the office area is lit with lighting that helps you perform. For some, this includes plenty of lights, while others like a more subtle effect. The goal is to find lighting that’s comfortable for you.

Make Social Media Work For Your Small Business

Make Social Media Work For Your Small Business

Social media may be a new area for your small business to conquer, but it’s essential you master it. Social media gives you a direct link to your consumer. This means you can hear out your customer target base like never before and analyze other products or services you’re developing for the future.

Your customer target base knows your company. Right now, you are able to find knowledgeable, savvy customers from all backgrounds who are choosing how they spend their money wisely. [Read more...]

Make Customer Service a Priority for Your Small Business

Make Customer Service a Priority for Your Small Business

In a sea of products and companies claiming to be different than everyone else on the market, you must make great strides to stand out as a small business. No matter what your business is, you want to be well-known for stellar customer service that helps set you apart.

When you make this connection with consumers, you won’t have to go on and on about why you’re different. The difference will be immediate and result in customers spreading the word on your services.

Tips for Hiring Solid Start-up Employees

Tips for Hiring Solid Start-up Employees
The start-up world can be difficult to navigate when hiring new employees. Ideally, you want people who are experienced but still enthusiastic. Depending on the realm of start-up you’ve created, this can be tough to find in a world of jaded employees who’ve seen many start-ups gain steam and then fail.

  • Hire those who share company values.
  • Hire those who can do almost anything. [Read more...]