Perfecting The Elevator Pitch

Perfecting The Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is a short, concise way of pitching your business. You should be able to quickly and efficiently explain your business to a person who is learning about your business for the first time. Here are the best ways to perfect your elevator pitch.

  • Say who you are and what you do in one sentence.
  • Describe what you do.
  • Explain how you’re different.

The elevator pitch is something every small business owner must master. This is because you are constantly networking and getting the word out about your company. You want to have a go-to way to explain what you do and why people should pay attention to what you’re doing.

Start by creating one sentence that says who you are and what you do. This is a lot harder than it sounds, but eventually you should come up with a concise sentence that explains your business in a single sentence. Next, it’s time to describe what you do. Now that you’ve captured someone’s attention, you need to be able to give them the complete story on what you do.

Explain how your business is different than competitors on the market. There’s no reason to bash other businesses or point out what they do wrong. The goal is to say what you do that sets you apart from competitors. This will immediately register with people who know your industry. Your elevator pitch should resonate with anyone who hears it, whether they are in your field or simply a friend or family member.

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