Social Media: How to Build a Loyal Following

Social Media How to Build a Loyal Following
We all know the impact social media has had on consumers and businesses. Today, consumers use it to find out about products and are even recommended products and services from those they are connected with. By businesses using social media and connecting with consumers, they can gain a loyal following and potentially increased paying customers. Here are some tips on how to build and engage in social media:

  • Be proactive and make posts often. Twitter is a great example for this rule. The more tweets you make, the more likely someone will follow you. It will also help people to find you. Make sure your tweets are relevant. 1-2 posts daily should be fine.
  • Plan your posts ahead of time. You can set up what you’re going to post days or even weeks in advance. Then you can use an aggregator tool to make the posts on Twitter of Facebook.
  • Be strategic about retweets. Only use them for relevant and interesting posts about your industry or community, business partners or customers. Use search tools like Twitter Advanced Search to find other people posting about your industry and retweet those.
  • Respond when people mention you. When you have mentioned on Twitter or Facebook, try to respond with questions, critiques or recommendations. Twitter allows you to monitor when you are being mentioned by placing certain filters, so make use of them. By responding to mentions, you are showing that youa re paying attention and listening to your audience.

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