Social Media Trends For Small Business

Social Media Trends For Small Business
It takes work to work the social media circuit. It isn’t just about updates, but creating strong, shareable content that people relate to. It takes time and commitment to make social media work for your company. Here’s a look at the latest social media trends and how small business owners can implement these tactics.

  • Content is still king.
  • Social at scale.

 Content Reigns

SEO has always been a driving force for small businesses, but with social media becoming the main horse pulling the wagon, content is more important than ever before. What’s happening is a departure from SEO-heavy content. Yes, you still need a blog and a professional writing it, but the content no longer revolves around keyword density. Instead, you want smart, informative content that prompts people to share in their social media circles. This is how people learn of your brand and what you have to offer. You don’t want to offer a sales pitch, you want to offer takeaway information that makes an impression.

Social at Scale

What does ‘social at scale’ mean? It means sizing up social media for your particular business. For example, the way a large retailer markets their company on social media will be a different approach than a local hardware store. This is vital for small business because you want to stay in the loop on a local level since this may be where the bulk of your audience is. Social at scale takes research, but it’s time well spent when you know how to market your business.

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