Four Business Ideas to Start in 2013

Four Business Ideas to Start in 2013Looking to start a new business in 2013? Then you’re going to need some good ideas that are likely to succeed. Research was done to see which industries are likely to be the most profitable this year, which means that startups in these markets are more likely to succeed.

Internet Travel Agency

People weren’t traveling much a few years ago, thanks to the economy, but things have started to look up since 2010. This is a market that is on the rebound, with 2013 expectations for a 6.1% increase (to $20.7 billion). [Read more...]

Hot Business Ideas for 2013

Hot Business Ideas for 2013Looking for the next big business ideas for 2013? Then you’ll find that there are a couple of them that you may be interested in. Knowing the hottest startups can help you pick a market and bring you own unique selling point to the industry. Let’s take a look:

  • Game developer for social network: Likely, you’re one of the millions of people that is obsessed with social network games, especially those found on Facebook. The popularity of these games has increased demand for game developers.
  • Internet shoe store: Women and shoes is a market that will never die down. As long as women have money to spend, a large portion of it will go towards their closets. For the past five years, online shoe sales have grown steadily by an average of over 16% per year.

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