Tips for Hiring Solid Start-up Employees

Tips for Hiring Solid Start-up Employees
The start-up world can be difficult to navigate when hiring new employees. Ideally, you want people who are experienced but still enthusiastic. Depending on the realm of start-up you’ve created, this can be tough to find in a world of jaded employees who’ve seen many start-ups gain steam and then fail.

  • Hire those who share company values.
  • Hire those who can do almost anything.

It’s vital to find people who share your company values. Many people are working jobs that utilize their skills, but not necessarily their creativity. Some start-up jobs allow a person to do both which is why it’s a great opportunity for a person who comes from corporate America. This person will be able to handle the responsibilities but also foster their creative side and contribute ideas to the team.

You also want to hire people who can do almost anything. With a start-up it’s anything goes in the beginning stages. You want people who aren’t attached to a title. It’s vital that most people in the start-up have the ability to do any task that arises at any time. This allows everyone to work at the maximum productivity because they aren’t confined to any one task or responsibility.

You should absolutely have general outlines for a person’s duties, but if a marketing associate has to handle social media duties for awhile they should be willing to do that. The combination of someone who gets your company’s values and can wear many hats will make for a fantastic new hire for your start-up.

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